Be the Best Lover

Now is your time to become adventurous, excited and blown away about the possibilities of your love and sex life. Time to leave the past behind and get ready for a fun ride ahead with an orgasmic thrill! Stop complaining about bad sex, or no sex! Be a better lover.

Is something missing from your love or sex life? Are you bored, unhappy or desperately seeking more connection?

Finding yourself eye-rolling and nodding? Here’s a few more that may hit you hard:

There’s no need to have bad sex! You can learn to have UNREAL sex!

I’m Leanne, your go-to Sex Coach, here to open your mind to Adventure, Excitement and Passion in your relationship, intimacy and sex life.

Every single day, I work with people in different stages of life and love, to feel empowered to live out their own fantasies, share their adventures with others and discover how mind-blowing unreal sex can be.

Choose your own adventures alone or as a couple by exploring my online mini-courses, full courses or personalised online coaching sessions. 

I can’t wait to help you find your inner soulmate and reach your orgasmic goals.

So HOW can coaching WORK for you?

Rediscover Passion

Bring spark back to your relationship, become excited about intimacy and sex again.

Deeper Open Communication

Learn the art of how deeper conversations can help you build trust and a better understanding of others, which in turn encourages ongoing support.

Self-Discovery and Confidence

Learn about yourself and what you want and desire so you can be a confident lover or partner.

Simple Steps to Spice Up
Your Love Life Today

Book a Quickie

30 mins to chat about what you’d like your adventure to be.

Check out short courses

Discreetly complete a range of mini-courses and short courses to give you boosters for your Better sex journey.

Begin personalised coaching

Join an intense personalised 1:1 program to get you to your goal. Lots of great new ways to be the best lover.

Hear What Others Say


Trauma Therapist

I felt instantly comfortable to talk with Leanne about personal and relationship issues that I had been actively avoiding acknowledging to myself for many years.  She was a great blend of supportive and challenging when I needed it.  Leanne helped me to change old patterns of thinking and behaviors which is allowing me to live more fully and freely.  



With Leanne’s guidance and support, I have been brave enough to make life changing decisions and to embark on a new chapter.  She has helped me to change my decision making compass and to choose myself, rather than what I think everyone else wants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leanne.  I couldn’t have done this without you


Project Manager

I had recently married an American lady that I had been dating for a couple of years in a long distance relationship just before the COVID pandemic hit Australia. The travel bans from this kept us apart for 2 ½ years. When we could finally travel again I was nervous about how we would reconnect so spoke with Leanne who gave me some great ideas and activities for us to do together. Since then I have moved to the US and we have used Leanne’s services again, this time via online chat sessions to further help strengthen our relationship with constructive chat sessions and simple activities for us both to try.

Why Choose Me as Your Sex Coach?

Safe, Confidential and Sex Positive Space

Talking about your personal self and taboo topics means absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Non-Judgmental Support

Judgement-free and supportive always

Personalized Approach

Your adventures are designed by you. I’ll make sure you have everything you need to get to your goal.

Comprehensive Education

Equip yourself with tools, resources and knowledge for a deeper understanding of yourself and intimacy.

Emotional Healing

Navigate the path to emotional healing, creating a healthier relationship with yourself and your partner.

Communication Enhancement

Learn the power of honest communication, to transform your connection for clarity and understanding

Experimentation and Exploration

Embrace a spirit of exploration and experimentation, adventures and Sexploring with curiosity and fun.

Setting free Tradition and belief

Challenge societal and traditional norms and embrace change, allowing for freedom to feel authentic and create true-to-you beliefs

Ongoing Guidance

Continuous, experienced support keeping your eyes on your sexy goals. Have someone that understands you, has got your back and can be your ‘no filter’ support.

Are you ready for Intimacy coaching?

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